Network center
of common use (NCCU)

The government of St. Petersburg
Committee for Science and Higher Education

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Number of instrum. units: 1165
Number of companies: 269


Who we are

The network center of common use (NCCU) was started as part of program “Development of network of innovative-technological centers affiliated with higher educational institutions and research-and-development departments of St. Petersburg under support of Committee for Science and Higher School of St. Petersburg. It belongs to the research-and-development department of the Natioanl Mineral Resources University (University of Mines).

What we do

NCCU makes it possible to carry out a wider range of research activities as well as increases labour productivity and production quality of small enterprises based on efficient use of unique research and production equipment.

Resources of NCCU make it possible for all parties involved into innovative activities of St. Petersburg:

  • to accelerate the search for unique scientific equipment;
  • to increase efficiency of available unique equipment;
  • to update data base of unique equipment making a name for themselves;
  • to get information about conditions and terms of unique scientific equipment use from the owners.
What we are placed

Internet portal has data base of unique equipment owned by over 357 involved institutions equipped with over 530 units of sophisticated scientific instrumentation, such as:

The number of involved organizations is  358.

St. Petersburg is a large educational, scientific and innovative center of Russia where over 10% of educational and scientific capacity of the country is concentrated. Every year over six thousand research projects are implemented. As a matter of fact, state-of-the-art facilities are essential for carrying out world-class research activities. Unfortunately, these facilities are not always available for educational institutions and research departments, small and middle innovative enterprises due to specific character. This kind of problem can be solved by creation of common use centers with instrumentation of various profiles. In St. Petersburg today six centers are in operation. They were established under support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, over four hundred basic-research, problem-solving laboratories as well as research and training centers equipped with sophisticated instrumentation.

In order to create a common information field accumulating data on research equipment and ways of its use, the network center of unique equipment common use (NCCU), which is an interactive dispatch system of common use centers, was created in St. Petersburg in 2005

The center data base is updated every year, the amount of provided service is increasing. Nowadays NCCU accounts for over 600 units of unique equipment that belong to educational institutions, scientific and other innovative establishments of St. Petersburg.

Everyone has an opportunity to use services offered by NCCU.

Chairman of Committee
for Science and Higher School A.S. Maksimov